Big Data

Watch Big Data's interactive music video for "Dangerous."

Watch Big Data's interactive music video for "Dangerous."


Big Data is an electronic music duo from the Internet. Daniel Armbruster (from the band Joywave) sings, and Alan Wilkis (of his own PRINTS project) produces the music. The band was formed out of a mutual distrust for technology and The Cloud, and our growing dependence on them. Their music explores the ever-increasing relationship between man and machine, and more specifically how the internet has reshaped the human experience.

Dan and Alan were first introduced in 2012, as mutual fans of each other’s respective work. Their first collaboration came in the form of “Old-Fashioned Girl” from Alan’s PRINTS project. The duo wrote together so effortlessly and so in sync with each other, that they decided to create Big Data. Over the course of the next several months, the duo set about writing what would eventually make up their debut EP, 1.0. Dan is based in Rochester, New York, and Alan is based in Brooklyn - as a result, their process grew out of exchanging ideas and instrumental snippets over the web until song structures and melodies would start to materialize. The two would then plan lyric-writing sessions and vocal recording dates at Alan’s studio in Brooklyn whenever Joywave was in town for shows.

Lyrically with each song, Dan and Alan take on some kind of new insight or theme related to the internet, The Cloud, social media, the singularity, etc... “Dangerous” examines the many layers of voyeurism in the digital age;; the idea of watching while being watched as we engage in social media. We can anonymously peer deep into the lives of others from the comfort of our computer screens and mobile devices, and yet all the while our every move is being tracked and recorded by faceless corporations and government entities. By weaving together religious and tech imagery, “The Stroke of Return” addresses the blind faith and trust that we place in the internet, that we are all in some sense kneeling before the altar of The Cloud. “Big Dater” explores the often-fruitless search for true human connection over the internet, and “Bombs Over Brooklyn” concludes the EP appropriately with an apocalyptic vision of the future.

Musically, Big Data draws its inspiration from a vast and eclectic range of electronic artists and otherwise. They’ve already drawn comparisons to Radiohead, Miike Snow, and as Listen Before You Buy once wrote, they’re “ Hot Chip at their best, maybe with a touch more French house eclecticism than the clinically cool Brits.”

Wilkis and Armbruster have both had an exciting year thus far with their respective projects - Joywave has reached #1 on the Hypemachine popular chart 3 times since April 2013 for their 88888 mixtape and single “Tongues,” and Wilkis reached a respectable #2 on the Hypemachine chart for his recent collaboration with Childish Gambino entitled, “More Than Normal.”

Big Data is poised to take the world by storm with their upcoming EP, interactive art project Facehawk, several remixes, and a music video.